HISTORY OPTIONAL for IAS Hemant JhaSir (ALS Coaching,Delhi) 8 booklets Printed Study Material


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HISTORY OPTIONAL PRINTED BY HEMANT JHA is the notes given to enrolled students.Hemant jha has the unique ability to handle the whole syllabus on his own.

Our study material is complete and there are 8 booklets

1.Ancient India

2.Medieval India

a. The South India 1 to 4

b. The regional kingdom

c. The decline of the mughals and the rise of regional kingdom

d. Economict themes & issues

3. Medieval India

a.Mughal period

b.Sufi Movement

c. Bhakti movement

d.The Delhi sultanate

e. The surs- Shershah

f.The cholas

g. The vijayanagar kingdom

4.Modern Indian history

Part -1    a.Establishment of British rule

b. Creation of British empire

c. British and native states

5.Modern Indian History  

a. Revolts and movement 1 & 2

b.  Trends of Nationalistic struggle 1,2,3,4,5,&6

6.World History:- Following are the topics

a. Napoleon Bonaparte

b.Russian revolution

c. The communist revolution in china

d. 19th century European revolution

e. Facism and Nazism in Italy and Germany

7. World History :-following are the topics

a. Imperialism, colonialism and Decolonization 1 to 5 subtopics

b.  The cold war part 1 &2

c. New world order Part 1 &2

d.  Nationalism & nation-Building(Unification of Germany and Itlay)

e.  Rise and fall of communist block

f. The third world and the NAM Part 1 and 2

8. World History:- Following are the topics

a. The age of enlightenment part 1& 2

b. Growth of Socialist Ideas 1 &2

c. American revolution & American civil war

d. The French revolution

e. British democratic policies

f.  The Industrial revolution

e. Ethno Nationalism and ethno national conflict

f. the world war and the total war part1 &2

The 8-booklets completes the whole syllabus of History optional

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