DIAS Chemistry optional Handwritten Class Notes by RK Singh


DIAS Chemistry Optional Classnotes


DIAS is India’s well known institute for guiding candidates for Civil Services Examination (CSE) and Indian Forest Service Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), run under the aegis of DIAS India edutech (Pvt)Ltd, a company registered under Companies Act.

Their students have been consistently scoring top ranks in Civil Services/Forest Service Examination since 2003. Almost all selections in CSE from Physics/Chemistry and Mathematics in the last decade have been their students.

In CSE 2007 their student Supreet Singh Gulati has done them proud by scoring 2nd rank in overall merit of civil services examination. Then onwards this feat has been repeated almost every year.

To mention a few:

IN CSE 2015 , our student have bagged Nine Ranks in top 100. Our student ANUPAM SHUKLAhas secured all india Rank 10 with 296 marks in PHYSICS OPTIONAL.

In C S E 2014 ,our student NIDHI GUPTA has secured 3 rd Rank and 316 marks in Physics optional. In CSE 2013, our student Divyanshu jha bagged 9th rank.

In Civil Services Examination of 2011 our student Himanshu Gupta has secured 7th rank and rare distinction of getting 430 marks in Mathematics and 358 marks in Physics. Our students Kunal Silku has scored 410 marks in Physics and Alok Priyadarshi scored 392 marks in chemistry in CSE 2010. We have more than 30 selections every year in overall order of merit.

Over the years DIAS has been recogonised for its cutting edge, comprehensive, well structured, holistic and focused guidance and support system for your preparation for civil services. It equips you with desired threshold energy to succeed in CSE.

It have total of 7 booklets.


DIAS Chemistry optional Handwritten Class Notes by RK Singh

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